Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tonight, on APTN National News

More AWG coverage.... I'm doing a wrap-up of the events today, which is a thinly veiled attempt for me to show all of you a bunch of the one foot high kick event from today.

The record for one foot high kick is 9'8".... think about it, a basketball net is at 10 ft.... these guys are literally kicking the mesh hanging from the bottom of the net.

Juanita's "The history of the Ulu" thing runs tonight, not last night as I posted earlier. I've seen it, tune in for great old time Inuit footage, many ulus, and take my recommendation, buy an ulu for your kitchen.

Dene-Za has a bit about the cultural performances at the Games for tonight's show, and Amos.... Amos took the day off, since he will be covering things on Saturday...

By Saturday, I'll be back home in Iqaluit. Save me a seat at the Navigator Friday night.... best Chinese Food Buffet in the North. Order the Ginger Chicken, you can't go wrong.

More bloggery to follow, I have been set free from TV reporting for the day, back to my webhead friends out there. The volume of hits on this site speaks volumes.... and I used volume twice in one sentence, time for more coffee.


Anonymous said...

You are doing an excellent job on this blog....interesting stuff and very important to show the real games.

Bob Izumi Jr. said...

I think APTN might owe me royalties for the use of the pseudo-word "bloggery."