Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tonight, on APTN National News

Have you seen Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy?


Maybe that makes me Brick Tamlin?

Our news team is here in Yellowknife, and I checked in with them before they scattered to the various venues all over town. Here is what they are up to.

Amos Scott has a great story about government funding for sport. Here in the NWT, they are making large cuts to staffing in various government offices. Then, when the Games showed up, they announced more funding for sport. Amos asked the right question, "Are you guys going to spend that money on staff or what?"

Dene-Za Antoine is going to bring you a wrap-up of today's events. Last I heard, he was going out to the snowboarding venue. It should look cool.

Juanita Taylor -- my teammate in the Iqaluit bureau -- is explaining exactly what an ulu is. Not only is it the medal for the Arctic Winter Games, it is a traditional Inuit women's tool. I use the word tool on purpose. Yes, it is a knife, but it is so much more useful than just a knife. Plus, last time I called the ulu a knife, Juanita and I got into an extended debate about whether or not it is a tool or knife. She won.

Tonight. 6:30 Eastern. Watch and enjoy. My pics are done downloading, stay tuned right here.

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