Monday, March 10, 2008

Silaqqi Quvianaqtuliaq

Silaqqi Quvianaqtuliaq is the camera shy girl hiding behind the phone. In front is Debbie Oiukuluk, a competitor in Dene Games.

I met Silaqqi in Kinngait/Cape Dorset weeks ago. She was a member of their women's soccer team, but after her team was defeated at the regional championships, Baffin Island Champs Iqaluit invited her to join their team.

She was profiled on National News, and had to move to Iqaluit to get ready for the Games. Her parents could rest easy, she was staying at the Education Minister's house.... that's small towns for you.

She misses home a little, but watch out for her powerful shot. Iqaluit invited her for a reason, and this soft-spoken girl is all business on the floor for Indoor Soccer.

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