Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Douglas Ollie

Douglas Ollie is a hockey player from Arviat, a community in the central Kivalliq region of Nunavut (see, I told you about those people from the Kiv and their love of the puck). His AWG's were cut short, by taking a shot on his ankle during hockey. He is staying positive.

Douglas tells us a little about the town of Arviat, and along with hockey, they love Bingo.


Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky said...

We hope you are feeling better & that you are having tons of fun in YK.
See you when you get back & score for us!!!:)

Love from all of us,
E & the kids - hug to you from Chelsea

Anonymous said...

Hello our son Douglas,
WE love you so much and so proud of you. Keep up being positive, and enjoy life;
About Bingo, it's played every where not only in Arviat. And he shouldn't have asked you that question because it doesn't refer to what you do or what we do. Don't feel bad about it though.
We miss you lots especially from irngut & ummat, and JC.
Gleason & Billy are so proud of you to and they're glad that you used to be a goalie when playing street hockey; And we thank God for you.
Love from Dad & Mom

KOTN said...

You are right, Douglas shouldn't feel bad about his answer... Douglas answered an honest question honestly. He handled himself with class, and you have every right to be pround of him.


Billy Ollie said...

hey my lil bro. i had fun too in 2004 in fort mcmurray alberta. its good to play for team nunavut. lots of fun and its good to see all the good hockey players too. atleast i scored few times and i took the puck on my first goal. good luck bro.

Norma Jean Kablutsiak said...

Hi ya Doug!!
Always honest and free! Imaa? I hope you enjoy this once in a life time thing at YK. But I know for sure you will enter it again in the future! Best of luck for TEAM NUNAVUT! We're all cheering for you guys Doug!! I hope you'll feel better with your ankle soon though.
Be prepared before you come home, you know what I always do to you when you come home from a different community ;) Love you!
Hugs and kisses from all of us plus from Pink and Plum