Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finger pull

Here comes the pain game. Finger pull looks like it hurts. It is a traditional Dene Game, and kids from all over were ready to try and dislocate each other's fingers.

You don't need to dislocate a finger to win, but it helps.

Sportsmanship (or sportswomanship) is a big part of this game. You help each other to your feet when it is done, that part is mandatory. It is a best of three, each side getting a chance on offence and defence. In the case of a tie after two rounds, there is a coin toss, and the winner gets to pick offence or defence... like overtime in the NFL without all the pointless dancing or lousy field goals deciding games.

Like Halifax singer/songwriter Joel Plaskett says,
"The reason I like the instrumentals
is 'cause they haven't got any words"

So, no more from me on Finger Pull (and no "pull my finger" jokes), just watch the video without any talking by yours truly... enjoy the "instrumental":

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