Monday, March 10, 2008

Better than coffee

Look up at the top of the page, with my lovely mug at the right. Well, that is the sight I faced when I logged into

Where I usually see Holly, Todd, Cheryl, or even Kyle and Janelle, I see me.

That my friends, will wake you up quicker than coffee. I AM THE INTERNET!

Today is a travel day for the Iqaluit bureau of APTN National News. Juanita and our camera operator Jimmie are out finishing off a story for you good people... ahh, they just got back, and Juanita pointed that with me pointing a camera, that photo is all people are likely to see of me.

Jimmie just said, "You are going to have to work hard now." Agreed.

So, we land in Yellowknife late afternoon, and I'm going to see what is in town as far as events go. Stay tuned.

Wow, that graphic is big on the homepage.

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