Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Live on location

Ever done that thing where you hold a mirror up to a mirror, and the reflection seems to stretch into infinity? That's a little what it felt like today, as I chatted with our anchor Holly Bernier for a segment about this blog for APTN National News. I'm looking into that big electric eye through one of my own... just a little weird for me.

Juanita took some pictures for me while I was doing my thing at the Athlete's Center.

When I started doing this, the Iqaluit camera operator Jimmie Papatsie said, "I don't want to be on the internet."

I agreed.

I lied.

Here is Jimmie from my point of view.

Here is Jimmie fixing my microphone and my shirt, making sure I don't look like a moron on national TV, as he always does.

and here we are from the point of view of people watching us, wondering who the heck I am talking to anyway.

Tune in tonight at 6:30 Eastern -- I'm still stuck in my own time zone mentally -- and see my interview, and see what the other reporters have been up to.... and from the sounds of things they have been up to a lot.

[Five minutes later] Now I know what they are up to. Dene-Za has a wrap-up of the first few days for you and Amos will be bringing you a very Northern, very aboriginal, very unique fashion show. If this makes me our online correspondant, does that make Amos our fashion reporter?

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Darrick Baxter said...

it looked like security was checking your ID in the middle shot.